Monday, December 22, 2014

First Impressions: San Antonio Head Shot photography

First impressions are huge in the business world; they are also important in other occupational fields as well (politics, law, anyone in the public eye, etc...). I know this sounds really shallow (for I am one that doesn't give as much weight to first impressions but do acknowledge they are real and are here to stay) but the impression you leave on someone the first time you meet them or when they see or read about you on your website, or social media site determines how people will perceive who they think you are. With that said, I once learned of a study conducted in a shopping mall where random people were stopped and shown two images. These images were of political candidates. Each person was asked to choose which one they might vote for. The results were stunning. Nearly 90% of the people chose the winning candidate (the one that was actually elected) solely based on looking at their picture. So what does this have to do with photography? Well, the image you place on your website may help or hurt you when it comes to drawing in new clients/business. You see in still photography, you are captured at one point in time. Unlike video, that one moment in time freezes your persona forever. If you come across as nervous, sad, negative, insincere, etc... it can affect how people perceive you. On the other hand if you come across as happy, inviting, hospitable, sincere, etc... it can boost your business. Lighting and gesture help form the right kind of perceptions. I've posted two images of recent head shot session for comparison (the before images were posted on a web site). This in no way should be taken in any manner other than examining the images and seeing which one you like. The one you like will probably determine which business you select and patronize. Which doctor looks more knowledgeable and caring? Which lawyer looks more trustworthy? Which teacher looks more hospitable and loving? These perceptions help us make decisions that are important (sending our child to school, going through a lawsuit, battling cancer or medical issue). I could write more, but I think the point was made.... These images speak for themselves.