Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making Our Own History with Dakota....

Dakota came to us from Steele HS. She's a member of the Steele Marching Band and NHS. With that said, you can see she's intelligent and creatively talented. Dakota was quiet and shy when we first met her (I think that's because she wasn't feeling well that day ;), but during her portrait session she was nothing but smiles and laughter. Her love of History revealed itself in our conversations. Her mom says that she was born in the wrong era. She loves the early years of American History so much that she plans of studying it in her educational endeavors. Ultimately, she wants to work in a living museum or some kind of historical place. I think it will be a perfect fit. Here's a glimpse into her life:

After graduation: attend Texas Woman's University and study History
A Dinner Guest of her choice: Theodore Roosevelt - He's my favorite person in history
One Wish: To travel back in time to witness historical events I've learned about, preferably the Colonial Period
Favorite Song: "Unknown Brother" by The Black Keys
Favorite Quote: "This above all; to thine own self be true" - William Shakespeare

Here are some more images of her on our site in video format. Dakota, we have a special bond from the first night we met (something I'll never forget). You are fun to be around, your quick wit kept me on my toes, and on top of that, you laughed at my corny jokes (never hurts to do that with people). I see in your future continuing education, while educating people about past history in the process, hoping people will learn from our past, never to again repeat the mistakes. You will help make a difference by being passionate about what you do and sharing it with others. It was a pleasure capturing your personality. We had fun in the process.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jessie Girl.....

Jessica came to us from Randolph HS. She just moved here over the Summer from the Deep South, Georgia to be exact. She's athletic (she's plays catcher on the girls' softball team), intelligent (NHS member), and funny. Jessie (as her mom calls her) is very down to earth. She wants to attend LSU after high school and pursue a Veterinarian Career. We teased her that she'll have to have her own TV show, like the Incredible Dr. Pol or Aloha Vet. When Jessie showed up, I was blown away. Her hair and makeup were so exquisite we almost didn't recognize her. I think we truly captured her personality, and definitely showcased her beauty. Towards the end of the session, we were photographing her in the bluebonnets and my wife said, "she looks like Courtney Cox". I must agree, she's a dead-ringer for her. Here's a glimpse into her life...

After graduation: attend LSU and study biology (to become an animal vet)
A Dinner Guest of her choice: Will Ferrell
One Wish: a day where I could sleep in
One thing to do to Impact the World: Spread laughter and happiness (not like Santa)
Favorite Song: "Explosions" by Ellie Goulding
Favorite Quote: "Laugh at your problems, everyone else does"

Here are some more images of her on our site in video format. Jessica, our wish for you is that you continue to be yourself, engaging others in conversations and continue to make others laugh. Your future is full of many possibilities, so don't forget us when you make it as an animal doctor. I'll never forget your Saddam wave (so funny) and your best piece of advice was hilarious too.... You were a joy to work with.