Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Olympic Hopeful: Captured Keepsakes Creative Portraits

Andrea is a mom, and college professor, business entrepreneur, and marathon runner. We've been photographing Andrea since her engagement in 2004, and been documenting her growing family from the beginning. Her love of running has paved the way to the Olympic Trials in 2016. She's won a marathon, and plans of running in many more, including the Boston marathon this coming April. Since her marathon olympic qualifying time in Chicago, she's got her eyes on the trials early next year. She trains every day, running about 70 miles a week. Just think, that's like running to Austin from my house (mind boggling). I've been wanting to capture a portrait of her, and finally got the chance. She's been sponsored by Oiselle, a running apparel company. Once Andrea received her running gear, we scheduled the session. Andrea brought three components to her running attire, we photographed her in all three. She loves her racing outfit, and it just so happened to be the one we chose for the composite. Maybe next year, we will be watching Andrea running the streets of Rio in the 2016 Summer Olympics.... fingers crossed.