Friday, May 27, 2016

Hannah was a Hoot....

Hannah came to us from RHS. She was so much fun to work with. Her personality is magnetic. She's positive, encouraging, sincere, and out-going. She plans to attend Samford University next year. Her plans for the future are to work with Young Life and eventually become a missionary, maybe in Africa. I have no doubt that Hannah can achieve anything she sets her heart and mind on. I will have to say, that by the end of the session most seniors are worn out, but not Hannah. Her smile was still kicking in and laughing. For her video (part of the senior experience) we started when it was bright outside, but due to a happening out of our control, we didn't finish until it was dark outside. When you watch it, you'll think, "wow, it got dark fast". Not really, we just had to wait in between happenings. It was funny. Hannah, you are a bundle of joy, and I now know why you were crowned Miss Cibolo. My wish for you is to continue your journey seeking Truth, and sharing the gift of you with everyone that comes across your path. There's a poem by Robert Frost titled "Nothing Gold Can Stay", I think he's wrong. Stay Gold!!! You are such a blessing. You can see more of her here or on our site.

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