Monday, May 09, 2016

The Book Thief....

Miss Ashley came to us from Randolph HS. She is a fun, extremely imaginative, and down-to-earth young lady. She loves to read. Like her mom's passion for reading, give her a good book and she'll disappear for a while. Ashley was so funny. We were taking the Samurai images, and Ashley was grunting trying to swing the sword... I couldn't stop laughing. She's is so much fun. Then when she came out in her Harry Potter outfit, of course I know nothing about this series, she couldn't believe I've never seen it. Go figure... The funny story from this session was her mom's description of a Shih Shih dog and the Roku castle in Okinawa. We all had a good time and I think she'll like her portraits.... Ashley you are an incredible young lady. We hope you learn to use your God-given talents to make a difference in this world. At least you'll have plenty of books to read your children someday.... You can see and read more about her here or on our website.

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