Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wrestling with Beauty....

Nicole comes to us from Johnson HS. Believe it or not, she's on the wrestling team. A 5'9" wrestling beauty. Nicole wants to become a scientist and research cancer. Someday hoping to discover a cure or at least a remedy that would allow people to live through it. The thing about Nicole I liked was her child-like outlook (this in no way is a bad thing). She's like a little girl in a big girl's body. That innocence is something we should all treasure. Her dad was teasing her the entire session. It was pretty funny watching him get under her skin. Anyway, the session turned out fine, and the dog got to get out of his house for awhile and visit the country. Nicole, we wish you the best in life, and God-willing, you reach your goals in helping others. You can see more of her here, or visit our site here.

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